A star is born
Dr. Michael Babor, a chemist, developed HY-ÖL, a unique cleanser which is still a bestseller today.

Everything is super
The era of the superpowers is also the era of super skincare. BABOR’s skincare systems are naturally tailored to the individual skin type and condition.

Space to grow
BABOR is expanding and needs a new home. The company moves out of its small premises into its current headquarters.

Training for success
BABOR enters the world stage with international partners and subsidiaries. The opening of its in-house training center marks a further milestone.

The beauty of SPAs
BABOR is represented in an increasing number of countries and enters the SPA business in the international luxury class. Today guests at the Viceroy Hotel & Spa Miami, for example, can enjoy exclusive BABOR treatments.

A millennium and a new era! BABOR refreshes its image. A new market presence elegantly showcases the company’s products and beauty salons.

High-tech beauty
State-of-the-art technological devices now enhance the effects of a treatment. This creates an exceptional beauty experience that combines high-precision results with total indulgence. We call it the art of precision skincare.



It’s in our DNA
Science is in the company’s DNA. To the present day experts conduct research at BABOR’s Research and Innovation Center in Aachen.

World leader in ampoules
Each delicate glass ampoule retains its own high-tech secrets. The contents are so highly concentrated that 2 ml is suffi cient to beautify the skin, with instantly visible results.

Deep sea diver
This beauty secret escaped Jules Verne: microorganisms with astonishing powers survive in the darkness of the deep sea. In SeaCreation, they hydrate the skin, leaving it as beautiful and shimmering as the ocean.

Every product – from the original idea through to the fi nished jar – is created in Germany.

Tick tock
Would you like to be 20 again? No thanks! Experience makes life more beautiful. It’s just a pity that it sometimes leaves its traces on the skin. BABOR ReVersive can help to turn back the aging clock.

Precision formulas
DOCTOR BABOR is the expert among the jars of cream – and is a specialist in skin beauty. The DOCTOR BABOR treatments for specifi c skin needs merge the border between cosmetics and medical science.

Let’s talk numbers
Today 400 staff members are employed at the company’s headquarters in Aachen. Worldwide there are more than 500 employees. By comparison: in 1963 there were 35 employees.