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THE ANTI-AGEING GAME CHANGERS RISE OF THE RETINOLS Introducing DOCTOR BABOR'S ground-breaking Retinol technology. The Triple Pro-Retinol Renewal Cream, Triple Pro-Retinol Renewal Eye Zone Patch and the Collagen Peptide Derma Filler Serum work synergistically to refine skin like never before. SHOP NOW *Available while stocks last.
LIMITED-EDITION DOCTOR BABOR AMPOULES THE POWERS THAT BE Allow your skin to experience the high-performance power of DOCTOR BABOR with our LIMITED EDITION 7-day Ampoule set. Containing 3 different POWER SERUM Ampoules, the skin is rejuvenated and refined in just 7 days. SHOP NOW *Available while stocks last. Limited-Edition.
SPRING HAS SPRUNG NEW BEGINNINGS New seasons call for new skincare. Spend R1 600 on your favourite BABOR products and receive a FREE travel-size Ampoule Set. SHOP NOW *Available while stocks last. Promotion valid for the month of September 2023
HYDRATION STATION SUMMER GLOW LOADING... Say goodbye to dehydrated skin with this thirst-quenching skincare set. SKINOVAGE x DOCTOR BABOR is the combination your skin never knew it needed for the ULTIMATE summer glow. SHOP NOW *Available while stocks last.
STARTER SETS READY? SET! GLOW Choose from 6 different Starter Sets that make the ideal daily homecare routine. Each set is carefully assembled to target specific skin concerns and provide visible results. SHOP NOW *Available while stocks last.
MY SKIN, MY STORY What's yours? We live in a world obsessed with perfectionism. Our skin – the largest organ we have – does not always perfectly align with this obsession. But that is precisely why it makes us so unique and reveals so much about us. Learn More
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORTriple Pro-Retinol Renewal CreamTriple pro-retinol complex of active ingredients for a smoother and refined skin... R3,110.00* / 50 ml
EXPERIENCE NOWDOCTOR BABORCollagen-Peptide Derma Filler SerumDaily booster for instantly smoother, plump-looking skin. R2,332.00* / 30 ml
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORTrip Pro-Retinol Renewal Eye PatchesA unique eye zone patch with a triple pro-retinol complex. R1,295.00* / 5 pieces
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORPower Serum Ampoules SetAmpoule set for an instant boost of moisture and smoother-looking, radiant skin. R1,036.00* / 14 ml
NEW RETINOL TRIOWhat products are included in the "Retinol Trio"
RETINOL ROUTINEDiscover the ultimate skincare routine with Reinol power.
Our recommendations for youIn den WarenkorbAMPOULE CONCENTRATESHydra PlusAmpoule Serum Concentrate for dehydrated, dry skin. R901.00* / 14 ml In den WarenkorbCLEANFORMANCEHerbal Balancing TonerAromatic toner for any skin type with witch hazel, aloe vera, and sage extract –... R733.00* / 200 ml In den WarenkorbESSENTIAL CAREMoisture SerumIntense hydrating active concentrate. R479.00* / 30 ml EXPERIENCE NOWDOCTOR BABORHydrating Bio-Cellulose MaskAn intense hydration boost for deeply hydrated, smooth and refreshed skin. R250.00* / 1 pieces In den WarenkorbAMPOULE CONCENTRATESPerfect GlowAmpoule Serum Concentrate for instant rejuvenation and ultimate glow.... R849.00* / 14 ml