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TAILORED SOLUTIONS FOR ALL SKIN TYPES NEW SKINOVAGE The tailored skincare solutions and highly effective formulas make it suitable for all skin types offering something for everyone. DISCOVER MORE
LIMITED EDITION THE BABOR LOOK Take skincare beyond your bathroom with THE BABOR LOOK. This limited edition BABOR Make-Up bag contains a Super Soft Lip Oil, Satin Duo Highlighter, Super Style & Definition Mascara and a Liquid Eyeliner. Price R1850 SHOP NOW FREE SHIPPING WITH EACH ORDER. AVAILABLE WHILE STOCKS LAST.
MORE DOCTOR BABOR POWER SERUM AMPOULES The Power Serum Ampoules have arrived with highly innovative, scientific solutions for all skin concerns. These ampoules are tailored with precision and medical standards to bring instant results. SHOP NOW The 6 highly effective ampoules include: Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Ceramides, Beta Glucan, Retinol, and Vitamin C Power Serum Ampoules.
NEW! HSR LIFTING THE ANTI-WRINKLE EXPERT High-performance anti-aging active ingredients that work to minimise all types of lines and wrinkles while slowing down the formation of new lines and wrinkles. DISCOVER MORE
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SKINOVAGEComplex C Cream R1,273.00* / 50 ml 100ml - R2,546.00
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SKINOVAGEMoist+Lipid Cream R1,350.00* / 50 ml 100ml - R2,700.00
In den Warenkorb
SKINOVAGEVitalizing Cream rich R1,382.00* / 50 ml 100ml - R2,764.00
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SKINOVAGEMoisturizing Serum R1,274.00* / 30 ml 100ml - R4,246.67
NEW HSR LIFTINGFind out MORE about our new and luxurious ANTI-WRINKLE EXPERT...
NEW CLEANFORMANCE!The Oil-Free Matte Effect Gel-Cream intensively moisturises the skin, giving it a matte, healthy-looking glow. The perfect cream for combination skin as well as for oily or blemish-prone skin
Our recommendations for you
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CLEANSINGCleansing Gel&TonicA refreshing cleansing gel and tonic in one. R536.00* / 200 ml 100ml - R268.00
In den Warenkorb
CLEANSINGRose Toning EssenceA refreshing face tonic for all skin types. R639.00* / 200 ml 100ml - R319.50
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AMPOULE CONCENTRATESAlgae VitalizerAmpoule Serum Concentrate for dry, dull skin. R748.00* / 14 ml 100ml - R5,342.86
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