Moisturizing Face Oil

MOISTURIZING Moisturizing Face Oil

  • R1,180.00
  • 30 ml
Vitalizing Serum

VITALIZING Vitalizing Serum

  • R1,180.00
  • 30 ml


The age-preventing skincare system the epigenetic way.

Every skin is different and changes over time.

That is why it is essential to tailor individual care perfectly to your needs. Our product advisor can help you to find the products to suit you.


Daily stress, environmental influences such as UV radiation, blue light and pollution often make skin look tired and dull. The skin lacks the ability to fight against harmful environmental influences that prevent the natural rejuvenation process to run optimally. As a result, it lacks resistance against external stress factors and promotes premature skin aging. SKINOVAGE VITALIZING delivers powerful rejuvenation and renewal processes for the skin. The ENERGY Plus Complex makes complexion look fresher and more even. Blue Light Protect helps shield skin from blue light and the resulting digital aging. Power Peptides additionally ensure age prevention and help strengthen skin. The skin looks fresh, renewed, and has a vitalized radiance.

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