Professional beauty programs to suit

your individual needs

Every person is unique. And so is their skin.

BABOR respects a person's individuality and the uniqueness of their skin. Skincare needs vary greatly, so choosing the right skincare products and beauty treatments, that take individual requirements into account, is essential for long-lasting beauty.

BABOR provides a range of suitable treatments and products that are specially designed to treat and care for the needs of every skin type and skin condition. The BABOR beauty experts distinguish between 7 different skin types and conditions.

Overview of the skin types and conditions:

Sensitive skin

Dry skin

Oily/combination skin

Skin regeneration

Mature, demanding skin

Blemished skin


Young Skin



Do you know what your skin needs?

Everyone is familiar with this scenario: You are standing in front of the mirror and you suddenly notice that your skin looks dull, that it itches or you discover a spot.
But why do these symptoms arise and what can you do to combat them?
What is the best way to care for your skin? What exactly does your skin need?

The BABOR beauty experts are on hand to provide the answers to these questions with a professional BABOR skin analysis. Schedule a consultation with an Esthetician near you now.

You can find our BABOR beauty experts here.

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