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for over 55 years

The 1950s
The beauty revolution began

when Dr. Michael Babor developed HY-ÖL®, a product that is unrivalled to this day. It has become a central pillar of the company and remains a bestseller.
The founding of Dr. Babor GmbH in Cologne one year later, heralded the start of a new era in professional skincare. Dr. Michael Babor chose the rose as the company's emblem and it has become the ideal and unmistakeable symbol of the very best quality beauty products.  After all, roses have been used in cosmetics since day one. Rose oil is a fragrant oil that is mostly acquired from the petals of the Damask rose, which, is grown in Bulgaria and Turkey. It is an extremely valuable material in perfumery and cosmetics. This symbol of absolute beauty remains the trademark of BABOR to this day.

BABOR's first company address was 38 Sülzgürtel in Cologne. From the beginning, Dr. Michael Babor harboured an extraordinary passion for working in collaboration with beauticians, a practice that resulted in an increasing number of satisfied customers. The new types of oils and creams that he developed were gaining popularity in local beauty studios. By end of the 1950s, the beauticians already had a diverse range of products to work with, from Azulene Cream in tubes or pots to Vitamin Skin Balsam to Honey Vitamin Masks.

In addition, the BABOR ampoules represented a further cornerstone of the company. BABOR became an ampoule specialist.

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