A certificate of excellence

BABOR international Awards



  2014 SPA INSPIRATION AWARD - Best Spa Product: BABOR Shaping Body Lifting Cream - presented by Buisness Club, Spa Inspiration
  2014 Glosscar Awards 2014 - Best New body Treatment ProductDOCTOR BABOR BODY CELLULAR Ultimate 3D Cellulite Lotion - presented by beautyheaven.com.au
  2013 NEW BEAUTY AWARD - Best Product Category: SKINOVAGE PX - presented by the the U.S beauty magazine, New Beauty
  2013 Beauty Press Innovation Award - DOCTOR BABOR DERMA CELLULAR Ultimate Derma Optimizer - presented by beauty in Balans from the Netherlands
  2012  Beauty Forum Award Category: Brand Awareness - presented by the prestigious journal Beauty Forum
  2012 GALA SPA AWARD Category: Treatment Concepts - presented by lifestyle magazine GALA
  2012 SPA Diamond Category: Face Care Anti-Aging Product - DOCTOR BABOR DERMA CELLULAR Hyaluronic Collagen Booster Ampoules - presented by Busche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
  2012 Premios Belleza Best Design for an Anti-Aging Cream Product - HSR lifting - presented by the Spanish women's magazine Ana Rosa
  2011 NEW BEAUTY AWARD Best Product, Category: SPA Product - Body Line Thermal Vitamin ACE Body Cream - presented by the US beauty magazine New Beauty
  2011 Reader’s Choice Award BABOR Cosmetics received a special prize for especially convincing product innovations - presented by the specialist journal "Beauty Forum"
  2011 Beauty Forum Special Prize Innovation presented by the editors of the specialist journal "Beauty Forum"
  2010 Reader's Choice Award Category: Care Cosmetics - presented by the specialist journal "Beauty Forum"
  2010 SPA Diamond Category: Face Care Anti-Aging - presented by the Busche publishing company
  2010 BSB Award of Innovation Category: Innovative Cosmetic Products - presented by the BSB Cosmetic Association
  2009 RigaNow! Platinum Platter Award for the BABOR SPA in the Nordic Hotel Bellevue - presented by the travel magazine "RigaNow!"
  2009 European Health & Spa Award Category: Best Facial Treatment - presented by the Agency for Health & Wellness
  2009 GALA SPA Award Category: Innovation Concepts - presented by the People Magazine, Gala and Brenner's Park Hotel & Spa
  2008 Reader's Choice Award 1st place in the category: Care Cosmetics - presented by the specialist journal "Beauty Forum"
  2008 Danish Beauty & Cosmetics Award presented by the specialist journal "Kosmetik"
  2007 Reader's Choice Award Category: "Most Frequently Mentioned Brand" - presented by the specialist journal "Beauty Forum"
  2006 A Life of Beauty Award for Mrs. Kleine-Tebbe - presented by "Beauty International" Düsseldorf

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