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Our credit and returns policy details for exchanges and credits are handled on a case-by-case basis.The acceptance of returns and passing of credits are at BABOR’s discretion and a handling fee might be charged as detailed in this document.
Requests for credits or exchanges fall into each of the below categories:

    Should you receive a product that appears to have been damaged in transit, please notify your BABOR South Africa ([email protected]) with a photo of the damaged products as soon as possible (within a maximum of 5 working days). No handling fee will be charged. If you receive the incorrect product(s), which is not as your order placed on a BABOR Order From, no handling fee will be charged for an error on our part.

    If you receive a product that is defective in any way, please notify BABOR South Africa as soon as you are aware of the issue.
    Please fill in the Product Quality Feedback Form in these cases. No handling fee will be charged.

    In the unlikely case of a client reaction to a product or a treatment, we require a Client Reaction Report to determine if the reaction was caused by the product, by incorrect recommendation by the relevant therapist or by incorrect use of the product.
    The report must be filled in by the client who had the reaction.
    If the reaction resulted from any of the following cases, a credit cannot be passed:
  • Absence of proper skin analysis or consultation card
  • Incorrect product or treatment recommendation contraindicatory of skin analysis or information given to client
  • Incorrect use of product by therapist in-treatment
    If the reaction resulted from an intolerance or allergy that the client was not aware of or did not disclose, a credit for the product will be passed and no handling fee will be charged.

    If you wish to return or exchange a product due to a change of mind or if you ordered the incorrect product, BABOR South Africa must receive your request within 30 days of your purchase. No returns, exchanges or credits will be granted for any product after 30 days of purchase.
If products which are returned are opened, damaged, or deemed not resalable, no credit will be passed.
Credits can only be passed once the returned product has been received by BABOR South Africa Head Office.
No credit can be passed if the original invoice number on which you received your products is not supplied with your returns request.
Credits are at the discretion of BABOR South Africa according to the terms and conditions stipulated in this Returns and Credit Policy for 2021.
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. BABOR, in its sole discretion, may make an exception and a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) may be approved by an officer of BABOR. The authorized returns shall be subject to the following deductions: (a) cost of putting items in salable condition; (b) transportation charges, if not prepaid; and (c) handling and restocking charges. BABOR may waive the restocking charge if the product: (i) is in new condition, suitable for resale in its undamaged original packaging and with all its original parts and (ii) has not been used, altered or damaged. Said waiver must also be approved by an officer of BABOR.
When you are informed that a product can be returned or exchange, you can send the product back to us by contacting [email protected]The BABOR driver (Gauteng clients only) may collect the product if instructed by BABOR management only. In both cases you must sign a goods-received note detailing the products being returned as well as the invoice number of the order with which you received those products. Alternatively, if you are in an outer-lying area, you may return your product via courier. When returning products via courier, please package products carefully with adequate protection such as bubble wrap and shredding to prevent damage as we cannot pass a credit if the products arrive at BABOR head office damaged as we cannot restock damaged products.NON-RETURNABLE PRODUCTS
Any product that suits the below stated criteria may not be returned or exchanged and therefore no credit will be passed for any of the below:
  • Products with a remaining shelf life of less than 12 (twelve) months.
  • If a product has been relaunched, no product from the older version of the range or discontinued product may be returned as the packaging is out-dated and thus it is not fit for resale.
  • Products purchased as part of a promotional offer in which client received extra discount, sales support items and/or gift with purchase.
  • Products purchased as part of a sale.
  • Products purchased more than 6 months earlier
  • Products that are not fit for resale due to price tagging or labelling, damaged packaging, open products and/or old packaging.
  • Retail products purchased in order to purchase a tester
  • Promotional products
Any return qualifying for any of the above criteria will not be considered for a return, exchange, or credit whatsoever.
When returning products via courier, please note that BABOR cannot be held liable for or credit products damaged in transit by couriers when being couriered back to BABOR Head Office. Therefore, please package products carefully when sending via courier with adequate protection such as bubble wrap and shredding to prevent damage