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DOCTOR BABOR combines customized skin care specialists to satisfy the most demanding skin needs. As intensive cosmeceuticals, the innovative precision formulas are inspired by medical research. Ideal for caring for more complicated skin.

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In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORBright Effect MaskExtra brightening boost R1,273.00* / 5 pieces
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORIntensive Calming Cream richA special cream for extremely dry, flaky skin R1,898.00* / 50 ml
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORUltimate Calming SerumA calming, instant relief active concentrate R2,691.00* / 30 ml
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORProtect Cellular De-Stress & Repair LotionIt cools, absorbs quickly and supports skin regeneration. R838.00* / 150 ml
EXPERIENCE NOWDOCTOR BABORAge Spot CorrectorRich serum efficiently corrects existing skin tone irregularities. R1,273.00* / 50 ml
EXPERIENCE NOWDOCTOR BABORAHA BHA TonerGentle and effective toner for skin in need of regeneration. Improved skin quality... R968.00* / 200 ml
EXPERIENCE NOWDOCTOR BABORThe best of DOCTOR BABORDOCTOR BABOR Set with 8 high-performance products for demanding skin. R4,150.00* / 8 pieces in the set
EXPERIENCE NOWDOCTOR BABORTightening Cream MaskAnti-Aging treatment for firmer looking skin. R225.00* / 1 pieces
EXPERIENCE NOWDOCTOR BABORHydrating Bio-Cellulose MaskAn intense hydration boost for deeply hydrated, smooth and refreshed skin. R250.00* / 1 pieces
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORUltimate Forming Body CreamStretch mark removal cream R2,019.00* / 200 ml
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORInstant Lift Effect CreamThe instant "face-lift in a bottle" effect. R2,543.00* / 50 ml
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORPeptidesThe anti-aging innovation for instantly smoother and firmer skin - 3 biomimetic... R1,270.00* / 14 ml
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABORCeramideThe innovative booster for an instantly strengthened and intact skin barrier -... R1,270.00* / 14 ml
In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABOR3D Cellulite FluidFirming body concentrate R1,548.00* / 140 ml
EXPERIENCE NOWDOCTOR BABORCollagen-Peptide Derma Filler SerumDaily booster for instantly smoother, plump-looking skin. R2,332.00* / 30 ml