Recognize your skin type

Recognize your skin type

Understand your skin better so that you can choose the best BABOR product for healthy, radiant skin.

Your skin type is determined by a number of factors that you can start identifying yourself including how much or little surface oil your skin produces. There are six basic skin types: oily, dry, ageing, damaged, sensitive, combination and normal. The first step to improved skin is to understand your basic skin type based on the above classifications and select a suitable skincare range accordingly. This Chart  is designed to help you identify your skin type and select the correct products for healthy, radiant skin.


Oily/ Combination Skin:

Characterised by patches of skin that are partly dry, partly oily and shiny. While the cheeks mainly lack moisture, the T-Zone especially demonstrates an oily sheen and enlarged pores. With oily skin, the cheeks are also oily and the skin is more prone to blackheads and blemishes than other skin types.
Choose your moisturiser from the PERFECT COMBINATION range.

Dry Skin:

Characterised by skin that looks lacklustre, raw and flaky. The skin is less smooth and elastic, which means that an unpleasant tight feeling occurs particularly after cleansing. The dryness can also cause wrinkles and fine lines, especially under the eyes and on the cheeks.
your moisturiser from the VITA BALANCE range.

Ageing/ Damaged Skin:

Stress, sun damage and other environmental factors can often leave your skin looking tired, weary and unhealthy. Skin loses its tone and firmness and small, prominent wrinkles appear. Cell regeneration slows and the skin appears dull and thin.
Choose your moisturiser from the ADVANCED BIOGEN range. 

Sensitive Skin:

Skin can be naturally sensitive or become sensitive over time. Sensitive skin reacts with reddening, irritation and unpleasant tightness. This often accelerates the skin’s ageing process – the skin looks tense, blotchy and flaky and has a tendency towards increased lines and wrinkles.
Choose your moisturiser from the CALMING SENSITIVE range.

Complete your skincare routine with your choice of favourite BABOR Cleanser.


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