New Essential Care

New Essential Care

Basic Becomes Essential

BABOR is excited to re-launch the BASIC CARE range for all skin types.


BABOR is excited to re-launch the BASIC CARE range. Customers can now look forward to ESSENTIAL CARE - a range which provides your skin with the most essential active ingredients for 24 hours. The products within this range have been developed according to the guidelines of the BABOR philosophy, meaning that the highest quality natural ingredients have been added to make sure your skin looks and feels great.

Aloe Vera is the key ingredient in this range. It provides intense moisture, is an anti-inflammatory, has a soothing effect and helps to regenerate your skin. The ESSENTIAL CARE range is an introductory range to BABOR’s luxurious skincare products and comprises of all the essentials needed to moisturise and nourish all skin types. 


The ESSENTIAL CARE range is made up of the following products:

Sensitive Cream: A calming cream for sensitive skin. This cream leaves your skin looking calmer and relaxed. Panthenol, Bisabolol and Allantoin reduce irritations and restore the skin’s balance, while Aloe Vera supplies intensive moisture. Leaves skin looking fresher and calmer. Perfume free and colorant free.

50ml; R629

Lipid Balancing Cream: A rich face cream for dry skin. Precious oils extracted from macadamia nuts and sesame seeds together with Panthenol condition the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Aloe Vera supplies intensive moisture. Gives skin a fresh and well-cared for appearance.

50ml; R629

Moisturizing Cream: A light gel cream for oily and combination skin. Panthenol and Polysaccharides thoroughly moisturize dry areas of skin. Oily patches are rebalanced, while Rice Starch has a mattifying effect. Aloe Vera supplies intensive moisture. Leaves skin looking fresh and even.

50ml; R552

Moisture Serum: An intensely hydrating active concentrate suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin. Aloe Vera and extracts of Black Oats saturate the skin with moisture and smooth away the appearance of dryness lines. Leaves skin with a fresh, rosy glow.

30ml; R400


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