BABOR take part in Mount Grace Cycle Challenge

BABOR take part in Mount Grace Cycle Challenge

BABOR shields skin for young and old on hot summers day at the Mount Grace Cycle Challenge

BABOR showed their support to the families who participated at the Cycle to Cycle Mountainbike and Trailrun event held at Mount Grace Country Hotel and Spa over the weekend. Armed with easy to use BABOR Sun Spray Lotion SPF15, the BABOR promoters weaved through hundreds of participants to spray this skin protecting lotion on anyone who needed a little extra protection from the harsh South African sun which was baking down at 35 degrees that day. Men, woman and children were all to grateful for the complimentary gesture as they were lathering up just before race start to ensure their skin is protected.

29 September, Johanneburg


BABOR Sun Care with an anti-aging effect
A creamy shield for the face and body 

We all know that it is important to use an effective sunscreen in order to reduce the intensity of the sun’s rays on our skin. The effective UVA and UVB filters in BABOR SUN CARE products are therefore supported by an intelligent system known as the CELL PROTECT COMPLEX. This active complex contains the radical-trapping vitamins E and C, which are encapsulated in a carrier sphere. This becomes porous upon contact with UV radiation, which means that the vitamins take effect exactly when they are needed – rather like a parasol that opens as soon as the sun shines. Cassia didymobotrya extracts, additionally protect the cells against damage from UV rays and boost the skin’s natural repair mechanism. The special highlight of all BABOR sunscreens for face and body: the creams contain an extract of sea lavender, which provides effective protection for the cells and neutralizes free radicals. It thus has an additional anti-aging effect. The sun spray Lotion SPF15 for the body activates effective UVA and UVB filters whenever skin is exposed to sunlight.


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